Sean Meng_51261_ Project 1

Hi my name is Sean! I am a senior architecture student. In this course, my goal is to gain skills to communicate and present my design more effectively. I’m in love with all kinds of design. Other than architecture, I’m passionate about fashion design and I designed my first line for Lunar Gala at CMU.

Ineffective example:

RIT liquid dye instruction

This is the instruction of RIT liquid dye located on the vinyl packaging of its bottle. It is designed for people who try to dye fabrics at home by themselves. As an instruction, the goal should be guiding users through the steps clearly and effectively. For me this instruction has failed its purpose because it is extremely hard to read. There is no visual hierarchy and all the texts are in the same font, size and color. Since there is no white space for visual pause at all, users can lose track of the information easily. In my opinion, the combination of diagrams and text illustration will free up more white space.

Effective example:

LEGO instruction booklet

This is the instruction booklet of a LEGO automobile series. The graphic is designed to guide users through the assemble process. This instruction achieves its design goal by its clarity. First of all, all the drawings are in axonometric or plan view which helps understanding the object three dimensionally. Also the color coding corresponds to different pieces from different catogories. The red profile lines is visually strong to keep users on the right track of the assembly step. Lastly, it features a series of notations such as arrows, numbers and scales to further enhance the user experience.