From the last few weeks of How People Work, Sean and I decided to compile our most memorable takeaways from the guest speakers, weekly lectures, and corresponding group activities. Each of these experiences offered a lesson of analyzing emotions, perspectives, designing for inclusivity, intuition, and useability.

Jonathan Chapman opened with…

Poster Series


In this project, I’m going to design a series of marketing materials for a festival or event including a poster, a Facebook banner, and an Instagram ad. As the requirement stated, the design shouldn’t contain any photographic imagery. Instead, it should explore communication through typographic illustrations and…

Type & Hierarchy

Typography Exercise 1: Voice of Type

In this exercise, I aimed to gain an initial understanding of the effect of the font and how its design can cause impact and evoke certain feelings. In the image below, the word “Organic” is being presented with different fonts.

Explorations for “Organic”

Form and Composition Thumbnails

This project aims to explore gestalt principles and intergrate it into design rationale. The thumbnails use square as the driving geometry to convey the words below by their compositions:

Playful & Serious
Noisy & Quiet
Dangerous & Safe

Sketching Thumbnails:

Sean Meng

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